Question: What does a green house look like?

Answer: Similar to any other house on the outside.  But it’s what’s inside that counts.

Building a green home starts with site selection.  Tips for an energy efficient site selection:

  1. Situate the side of the house with the most windows, usually the back, to face due South.
  2. Minimize land disturbance by leaving trees to provide shade and keep the ground stable.  In Big Canoe, we are only allowed to clear 10′ around the perimeter of the house.  Since most of our trees are deciduous, they provide shade in the summer and when they lose their leaves in the winter allow sunlight to warm the house.
  3. Plan for water drainage from the beginning.  Make sure the house is situated and the land is graded so that water runs away from the house.

Forthcoming “Green” topics will cover windows, HVAC systems, insulation, building materials, and other ways to make your home green.

David Peagler is a Certified Green Professional and builds homes in the Big Canoe Community, located in the foothills of the Appalachians of north Georgia.